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Larry's Tattooing Schedule

Noon till 8pm Thursday Friday and Saturday unless out of town for a convention.


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Larry Brogan

Larry has been tattooing since 1990 and has owned and operated Tattoo City since 1994  A life long artist with a well rounded portfolio, he can tattoo in just about any style, always adding his own flair to the work.  Portraits, pinups, realistic wildlife, cover-ups and lots of his original creations are what has won this artist well over a hundred awards nationally and internationally.  His work has been published in countless books and magazines around the world and he can be found tattooing at many of the best tattoo conventions in the industry.  

Contact Larry at

IAM - tattoocity

AIM - tattoocity




Chucho's Hours

Noon till 8pm  Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat.



Chucho has been tattooing professionally since 1994. As a tattooist he has received numerous awards nationally, has had 6 published articles that span over a decade; 1997-2007. His bright, vibrant, bold, and simple in your face tattoo designs are recognizable among tattoo collectors. 
Chucho attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL receiving an Associates of Fine Arts Degree in Art/Illustration. He has continued to pursue more in depth and serious study for painting and stone carving with guidance from Master Stone Carvers from Zimbabue and Master Painter Patrick Betaudier. His artwork has been exhibited across the United States as well as in Europe. He has been commissioned to create murals and sculptures for public spaces across the Midwest. Some of these Public Art projects can be seen in Joliet, IL. He has taught mural painting in Chicago, Il for After School Matters creating 5 Public Art mural projects. ASM is a program Mrs. Daley created to help inner city youth. 
Chucho is a tattooer so there's no design that is too small or big. He welcomes all designs to give the clients the best possible tattoo.  

Contact Chucho at



Zeek's Hours

Noon till 8pm Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues.


Although Zeek started drawing from the moment he could hold a pencil, he had never given much though to a career in art until he started college.  After being offered an apprenticeship at the local tattoo shop, toward the end of his Freshman year, he switched his major from accounting to fine art and never looked back.   Zeek received his Bachelor's of Art in Fine Art from Illinois College in 2009, and finished a working apprenticeship at the beginning of 2010.  His preferred styles of tattooing include: color or black&gray realism, illustrative, modern/ abstract, and watercolor.




Shannon's Hours

Noon Till 8pm Saturday, Sunday.



Shannon Walsh

Shannon started tattooing throughout CT and MA in 2008. She is now located the Chicago suburbs with her husband and 3 yr. old son. Starting her career in a street shop Shannon enjoys both walk in clientele as well as more in depth multi-session work. Bright bold color is her forte as well as dabbling in freestyle lettering.


Phil's Hours

Noon till 8pm Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.





Phil Craft


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